Build it and they will come


I have 20 minutes. At library waiting for Mic to finish drama. Where oh where is my laptop?!

I had an extremely interesting day today. An idea came to me. An idea that has been floating around my head for 12 years, ever morphing into different aspects, but all boils down to the same idea.

Women helping women. That is all I can say for now. My idea was borne in 2000, after Reading my first issue of O ( Oprah mag). Yesterday  bought her 10th anniversary issue. Kind of a Hakaras HaTov ( recognition of goodness) to her. That first issue changed my life. Literally.  Now – what are the chances of Oprah seeing this post and wanting to know the story behind that one. Well anyway I can only dream.

So now that i went off on a major tangent, I had this idea – like I said. I called the person who I believe could facilitate my idea, and we met for lunch.

She loved my idea. Now I just need a million dollars.

No kidding…………..

Anyway, as I arrived at the library, i bumped into and friend, who I have known since Neve (1998). We hardly see each other here, but have a good vibe together. She was rally down on her luck today and vented a whole lot of things. All of which could be corrected if this idea of mine takes flight. So please G-d, make it happen, so that I can enable her, as well as many more women across the world, in one way or another.

3 thoughts on “Build it and they will come”

  1. Darling Cand
    Thanks for the blog, at the end of the page I did not know how to continue, It is wonderful sharing your life.

    I miss and love you. What is a blog.



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