still finding my blogging feet

Shabbos just finished,our guests left, kids all asleep. Alone with hubby – although we are both in different rooms. Him watching TV me, well – you know where I am…………

Ok I have deleted the next line 4 times already. All on different topics ranging from marriage to career to kids. i don’t  want to go into any of the at the moment.

Feel like writing but have nothing to say. i am sending out an email now with the RSS feed to all my friends and fam. Those that want to know what I am all about and what goes into my day. So lest see if i get hits and comments. I think I will also post my stuff on MetroImma.

2 thoughts on “still finding my blogging feet”

  1. cand, whre si the RSS feed? i do enjoy reading this – keep it up — but help me find the RSS and then i can follow it properly

    lov eyou


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