Hot Yoga ! Tssss!

Just came back from hot Yoga. Now for those if you who are unfamiliar with this ancient practice – I will tell you what it is.  Before I do I just want to express the fact that I am glad my husband is not computer savvy enough to read this – on the other hand though, maybe I will send it to him……. Hmmmmmmmmmm…. Interesting thought.

So – Hot Yoga.

It is a yoga class, in which degree of difficulty is tangible. The room is heated up to 44 degrees celsius, paralleling th weather in India. It facilitates easier flexibility into the stances and makes you sweat, like never before ( take it from me, I can run a mile and maybe have a slight sheen. In hot Yoga I drip!)

Anyway, the lights are dimmed, and this very sensual, new-age, fusion music wafts softly in the air , between the whirring hums of the huge heaters. The air is thick, I always feel like I’m on some beach , somewhere HOT, at night.  The actual exercises are so intense that it feels like every muscle of your body has been thoroughly massaged. Its great. Today’s class was taught by Rocky. That’s not his real name, but he looks exactly like Sylvester Stallone. He is Italian or Greek – does it really matter? He’s mediterranean and really puts the ‘hot’ into yoga! Even with his completely tattooed arms! I know , I know , I hear you ll say “What?” I know – yes I’m a Frum woman, no – i should not be going to a class taught by a man. But i do, I feel the guilt, but I have to say – I also feel great!

Besides which i need strength for the rest of my day – which is going to consist of swimming lessons for Gav and Sara at 1:30, then pick up mic, and off for Ice cream. tomorrow is her bday, but she has a dress rehearsal for her drama play tomorrow night – so we won’t be able to go then, so I will surprise her today.

What is for supper tonight? – I think we’ll have steak? Easy and quick, better go take it out freezer.

Till next time…………..

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