the g factor

Nothing x- rated.That is just what we call our two yr old!

She is quite the child. She IS so mischievous, naughty, clever, funny, strong – both physically and mentally. To say the least – when she is around, there is no rest!

She os obsessed with the baby!, constantly trying to kiss her, bite her ( in the most loving way, squeeze her , or change her diaper.

This morning i found my two-year old and four-year old in the baby’ s play pen. The 4 yr old was lying on the 2 yr old’s lap, whilst my 2yr old lifted up her T-shirt and ‘nursed’ her.

The other day I found a rather large clump of golden curls – at first I thought it was a doll’s locks, which had been lopped off – but no – to my horror, I found out that my two yr old had taken a large scissors and pruned her beautiful locks! She had given herself bangs! I have to admit, sh did a stellar job! I have not had the need to fix them up at all! She looks so different now. very funky, very cute!

I am also training her. My other kids were trained by 20 months. She has had a mind of her own completely! We are finally winning the battle, but she was going anywhere and everywhere. Maybe we started a little early in her case……………

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