Happy Bday to my BIG, BIG Girl!

Yesterday was Mic’s Bday and tomorrow is her hebrew birthday, Sunday will be her birthday party. Yes birthdays in my house are like Indian weddings – they go on for days!  “And why not?”  I say!

She is 8 years old. The years have flown by. I don’t remember so many things! When I look back at pics I am astounded actually , as to the person she has become.  I was very proud of her  this year. No demand for presents.

I did buy her  a small something, which I only gave her at  9 pm  last night, by the time we came home from drama and she ate something. The entire day went by , she did not even ask me whether or not I had gotten her something! I was pretty amazed. She also said to her Aunt who called to say Happy happy, that she did not need a present, it was not necessary!

Shame! But good. Oh – can I hear my sisters now………… No really – it is ok, and yes she will get something more tomorrow. BUT – if she did not – she would be very ok with it, and I am very proud of her.

While we are on the topic of b day girls, Sassy turned 4 and Gav turned 2! Here is some video footage

handing out cookies

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