Silence is golden

11:47am. The G-factor and shishkebum are asleep.  I am able to write down a few things. I am really enjoying this blogging thing.

Thanks for all your feedback, i really appreciate it.

Now – so far my day feels like it is 4 pm, not morning still.

I fell asleep nursing the baby around 11pm. Woke up about a half hour later, with a crick in my neck from my pretzel position. These days I can sleep in any position, except standing – I am so exhausted.

I woke up, dazed, and then realised I left my flour, butter and cream cheese out, in order to make a pastry dough that can sit in the fridge overnight. Ughh, I was sooo tired. Anyway, went to the kitchen, made the dough. Forced myself to brush and floss (refer to dentist  post!), and collapsed into bed at 11:30pm.

12:29am. “What’s that?”  The G- factor, screaming her little lungs out. I ran to her room. ” de l’eau, de l’eau!” for those of you who do no speak french, she wanted water, yes, my 2 yr old understand s and speaks French, thanks to her Spanish Nanny, who does not speak any English.  ( IS this making sense?)

Anyway, I go get her a bottle of water. Gave her the bottle, she threw it back in my face and said ” YUCK!”, in very good English.  Oh, I forgot, she doesn’t like the botty anymore, I should have given her a sippy cup. ” Too Bad G, deal with it , Mommy is tired – GOODNIGHT!”

She yelled a little more, but soon there was silence.

back to bed. 1:15am. ” And now? What’s that? Is G screaming gain?, Doesn’t sound like her. Oh – it’s the baby!” Jump out of bed, get the baby, bring her to my bed, nurse and doze off, thinking about how my milk supply is waning, and how bottles are winning. How am I gong to make this 2 am bottle…? May be I should give her cereal and she’ll sleep through, no – it’s to ealry, she is only 5 months old, I don’t know if I am ready to get pregnant again – so soon, but the others were eating solids alre……….” I was asleep.

“Ooof!” And now? Sassy’s foot in face. Why is she out of her bed?

” Earl, take her back to her bed!”

“I can’t he mumbled, I”ve been woken up so many times already.”

WHAT?!?  – well I’ve got a baby on my boob, and it is 2am and I am exhausted, I have not really slept yet!!

I did not waste verbalizing that, he was sound asleep, with Sassy neatly curled next to him.

Too bad. I’ll deal with her in the morning. We’ll start with that star chart   agai… Asleep.

3:30am. Baby is playing with my boobs. I got up and put her in her crib.

Back to bed. no thoughts at this juncture.

5:30 am. The G factor comes howling into my room “Mamma, mamma, wet – wet!.”

“shh, my baby, daddy and Sassy are sleeping”

“Wet, wet!”, she wailed

“OK – I’m not in the mood! Mommy has to go to the bathroom, and then I will take off your clothes!”

Off I stomped to the loo, all the while asking myself the burning question, “why can’t they make diapers that hold out the whole night – I mean these are called ‘Overnights!’?”

Take off the wet clothes, crawl into bed, G cuddles in close and says “Mine mammy ” Before dosing off. That seemed to make everything alright again. I said a quick” go back to sleep , Sassy” in my sternest voice. She had obviously been woken up by the ruckus.  I slumped back down. A few minutes later, I feel the slightest little tickle on my hand. My darling little Sassy was up, and just loving her mommy in the softest way possible. But there is nothing I hate more than being tickled! Maybe one thing – being tickled while I am exhausted and trying to catch another 10 minutes of precious sleep!. with that loving gesture, my poor baby was kicked out of the room, and I succumbed, I told Earl to put on the TV for her. we have not had TV for a whole 2 weeks now. But please, it was 5:45am, I need to sleep!

I woke up and hour later, got everyone dressed and fed for school ,and then off the school meeting with Social worker for Mic, with hubby in tow.

Had the meeting , put G and shishkebum in the Phil and Ted – which I love – and strolled them around the 4th floor ( great advantage ofliving in the condo). Hence, had time for today’s input.

Till next we meet again…

5 thoughts on “Silence is golden”

  1. I am loving first page that I have read of your blog! It is gonne put me off having any thoughts of having more children 😉


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