Shavuos is fast approaching

Ok – so just got back from Yogalates – 600 sit-ups later, my stomach not flat at all, had my coffee, posting an entry, and then i am off to eventually begin cooking!

Good friends from NY will be joining us, and we are all looking forward to them coming!

We never eat cheesy meals during the year, so for Shavuos I really go all out, with cheeses and cream, and cheescakes, and very fattening desserts! No holding back!

So – I make Italian and Greek dishes for both meat and dairy meals.

I will be making, Pasta’s, my 2 faves, thanks to Daddy are the Fettucine al Tonno, and Fusili  with spinach and sausage( I use veggie dogs, and this way add Parmesan cheese).  I will have anti-pasta with mozzarella, basil and tomato, calamari salad ( fake – of course), focaccia ( maybe), cream caramel, cheesecakes, blintzes, my own definition and invention. ( I am going to make them now, if they turn out right – I will post the recipe)

For greek dairy, I will have spanakopita- maybe, greek salad, goat cheese strudel, and angel hair pasta with spinach and feta – mmmmmmm

The greek meat will have moussaka as main course, and I’m not sure what else yet.

My Italian meat will be calf liver and onions, and osso buco. I’ll update you as to my side dishes – if anyone is interested, perhaps a rissoto or polenta – Dad – wanna come for supper? No trippa tho!

The Friday Night ( shabbos) will be Sharon Glass’ balsamic spatchcock chicken – which is unbelievable and so easy to make – By the way – everything I m making is quick and easy – however i making a lot – so it will take time.

Do you know that they have no clue what spatchcock chicken is here! Even my spell check does not register it!

Ok -so off i go, I’ll keep ya posted

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