Mmmmmm … Yummy!

11:56pm. I just finished eating a little tasty that I had made myself. Gotta love cheesecake, especially this one, cream cheese, cream, sour cream and caramel.

‘Incroyable!’ as they say  en francais!

say cheese!

So Back left to right, it is Cheesecake with sour cream and caramel topping, chocolate cheesecake, cheesecake strudel with chocolate  and plain cheesecake.

I also made a spinach, lentil and Barley sup – really hearty and delish.

For shabbos I just through some chicken and meatballs in the oven. This is wwhat I used for the chickey – ( basically anyhting I had on hand, in the fridge, because I had about 5 mins to prepare it. I took:  beer (great tenderizer), dijon mustard, hot chutney, a little bit of nandos garlic peri peri!

All I can say is it smells good, will taste tomorrow.

Then for the meatballs, I used marjoram, paprika, sat and pepper. An egg. I did not have breadcrumbs, so I decided to put in oatmeal instead  ( good thing my kids don’t read this!) Oh – and a little bit of  honey for some sweetness.

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