The Menu

Here it is people – if anyone is interested!
Tues Night – Italian
Shrimp (fake) and avocado salad on greens
Tagliatelli alla Tonno – Tuna and mushroom in a rosee sauce
Fusisli ( Spiral pasta) with vegetarian Italian sausage, spinach and red pepper.
Cannelloni stuffed with Spinach
Caramel Cheesecake and Florentines

Wed Lunch
Greek Salad
Strawberry and snap pea salad
Asparagus tart with Goat Cheese
Spinach and Feta Pasta
Moussaka ( My only concern is how do I warm it up if i can’t use my oven. i cannot do it on the stove top – could I? Any suggestions. My Dairy oven does not have shabbos mode.)
Cheesecake strudel, amaretti and Vanilla Ice cream, laced with a lot of different chocolates, served with a very rich chocolate sauce. Mmmmm – Bar-one sauce for all of you South Africans out there.

Wednesday night

Salami and Tomato with basil drizzled on it
Spinach Salad
Osso Buco
Grilled Vegetables
Dessert? Not sure yet

Thurs Lunch
Strawberry salad in a lime chilli sauce
Quinoa salad
Mock Crayfish, chopped herring
Fried Fish
Creme Brullee

Whoa – only about half way thru. 11:41 pm. Lets see how much more I can do.

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