8:25pm, and they are all asleep

I think this drill sergeant thing is working. However, event though I did raise my voice a few decibels tonight, it was very short-lived. There were some punishments today, but all in all the kids were, once again, very good, and bedtime, was pretty good.

Mic was asleep before 8pm. I mean – WOW!

Another thing I did tonight with her,  which was very effective, as Jodi had told me it would be. She got into one of her Mic MOODS.She spoke to me in a chutzpadik manner this afternoon at a friend’s house. Very quietly I said to her that she would not get a popsicle when we got home, which I told them before-hand, if they behave they would get a treat. She was disappointed, but did not react too much there.

When we drove into the garage, she asked what was for supper. I told her – Rib Steak. Not bad huh? Well, she said she did not want it.

“Fair enough, ” I told her. ” I am not making anything else. If you are hungry ( which i knew she was starving ) you could make something for yourself, that does not involve cheese.”

“Fine. I’ll have a bowl of Rice Cripsies.” She said biting her lip.

” No – that is what you had for breakfast, we are not having it for dinner.”

Then she began a little hysterical rendition, a watered down version of what she normally does. I had to pull out the big guns.  I told her that for every whine that she gave it would be 5 mins of her bedtime, at 8pm. By the time we got to the elevator. bedtime was backed to 7:25pm. I felt very bad, but I remained stoic.

Then she refused to get out of the elevator, and so I sent her to her room for a timeout, and told her that this was just going to continue. Then I remembered what Jodi said. I went to her and said,

“Instead of going to bed at 7:25, you can go at 7:45, but I want you to write me a 1 page essay, on why you should not be chutzpadik to your mother.”

She grimaced, but she did it. She then gave me the letter, here is what it said:

if you dont listen to your mother she might cut off your ears . if you want to know wat that means, you’re lucky to have them on – it means PUNISH ( she wrote that word huge).

do listen all the time cos it is not good. Hashem is the one who ses don’t do this or don’t do that – you know what I mean?

do you know if you honor your parents Hashem gives you long life? Hashem should give it to you.

Is that not SWEET???????

Anyway – it is hard, but I see it is very effective. On the other hand, this single parent thing – with no maid for  2 days SUCKS! My house is FLYING. But who cares, my kids seem happy, and I am relaxed….( sort of).

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