2 Days – no sugar!

Ok people – 2 days – no carbs, not even fruit – yes phase I of South Beach.  Could have really done with a n Icepresso from second Cup today – but that is about 8 teaspoons of sugar in one cup!  I think not.

So wish me luck. Have not gotten rid of the coffee yet. First I’ll battle the bulge, cos if one more person asks me ” Are you pregnant – again?!”, I think I may smack them!

6 thoughts on “2 Days – no sugar!”

  1. good luck cands!! Are you doing exercise,thats always helpful and healthy. I have been swimming with a friend and to feel oneself getting fitter and stronger is very inspiring.


  2. Candy, I’m a self proclaimed sugar addict, and I made it 16 days without eating any sugar (I did eat fruit though)! If I can do it, you can too!


      1. for a lot of reasons but mainly to break my addiction to sugar. Those cravings that you get after a meal…cravings are not normal. AFter about 4 days, I stopped getting the cravings, and it was amazing! I was really just experimenting, but that those 2.5 weeks really empowered me.


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