I’m Hungry

Not only am I hungry – but I am in a very bad mood. dieting Sucks. This one makes no sense at all to me. Rather grab a slice of cheese, than a few strawberries.? where’s the logic? And no – my sugar cravings have not gone away, as everyone said it would. I would love a square of choc or a little cookie!

I made a sugar-free cheesecake with splenda, for shabbat. I was so excited to have it with my coffee this morning. Well, has anyone out there tasted splenda – it is REVOLTING! I think I still have he aftertaste in my mouth 18 hrs later. Gross!

Anyway – one more week of this nonsense, and then I can have fruit again.

I would appreciate any insight as to the no fruit thing, bread and sugar I can understand – but no fruit?

4 thoughts on “I’m Hungry”

  1. Good Luck with the diet!I remember sitting in your moms car and you told me that you you always watch what you eat…watch it and then eat it!!! Go back to that one


  2. While fruit IS healthy it is still a sugar. My raw foods diet suggest taking out fruit for a FEW weeks to starve out the candida. Shabbat is the hardest time for me. I did great all week and then cracked on Shabbos. The chocolate chip cookies were calling out to me. good luck! you sound pretty cranky, so you’re definitely going through withdrawal!! 🙂 don’t give up!


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