A day in the life……..

Wake up get kids up change diaper make breakfast daven get dressed dress kids brush 3 heads of hair make school lunch make a bottle change diaper change another diaper go to pediatrician sweat while they give  G her 2 shots console her give baby the bottle go home walk G so she falls asleep nurse baby computer work make lunch run out pick up girls from school go to ENT appointments wrong building go to next building go get head x-rays wait to redo head x-rays go get kids a drink down a large iced coffee with one pump of sugar free vanilla go to dancing organize schedule while waiting make a weeks’ worth of phone calls go to IGA to shop for shabbos come home at 8 pm get kids something to eat fight about the fact that they cannot eat noodles win the fight nurse the bay put her to sleep WAAAAAAAA hear a bad cry run Sassy full of blood Mic accidentally head butted her stop the bleeding clean her up go to pharmacy to get prescription go buy challah for tomorrow back to pharmacy to pick up go home grab a drink relax for 5 minutes do blog phew 10:35pm still need to cook my shabbos meal

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