chinese medicine? Anyone else out there as nutty as me?


I have just boiled up what looks like woodland – taken directly from the English countryside !

I was almost expecting to some fairies, elves and a chipmunk or two; in my white paper envelope of dried up moss, tree bark, berries, and a plethora of other strange plants and ‘things’.

I checked – no animals, insects or byproducts.

What am I on about? Today I went to see a chinese doctor. His english is about 5% better than my Chinese, so as you can imagine, we had a wonderful connection.

I went to see him because I am at the end of my tether. I returned to this gorgeous neck of the woods, to be greeted by my long-lost pal, ALLERGIES. Since my glorious vacations, spent in boiling dry heat, I have returned to this soggy, grey, cool allergy infested city.

I splutter and all day long. I have even succumbed to taking nasonex- not once, but TWICE a day. It has cortisone in it – and for those who know me, know how much of an advocate I am for the alternate approach.

So – homeopathy has not helped, nasonex is a quick fix, that has burnt the inner lining of my nasal passages. Hence Mr Tong.  I went there today. He held my hand in order to feel my pulse, and then examined my index finger.

From there he was able to tell me – exactly what was wrong with me. Pain in my back, that has now extended to my neck, fatigue, pain in one leg – only during the winter, sneezing a lot ( I suppose my red nose was a give away for that one ) . And his explanation for my distended stomach ( that everyone looks and is dying to ask me if i am pregnant again – NO I AM NOT! SO DON”T ASK!!) is none other than gas. Go figure. Don’t worry he reassured me, he has a tea for me.

So i watched him put my five-day tea prescription together – which took about 20 minutes, and twenty shrubs later.

I boiled it up tonight, like he said for an hour. My house smells like a forest, dusty yet fresh, and very mossy…

I then strained with through cotton – just to ensure no bugs, and here I am sipping my cocktail  which is certainly a full-bodied, very pungent, woody harvest. It tastes like a tree, bitter, spicy, licorice, garlic, in other words it is absolutely revolting!

I have managed to get down 3/4 of a glass, in the past half hour. I thing I feel better! my nose seems to have cleared. Am I psychosomatic or what? Maybe just psycho….

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