One of My new Year’s resolutions

What a day. While I sit munching on my hemp, goji berry, and raw chocolate truffle, sipping my piping hot Green Tea – I find myself in a quandary as to divulge what I did today or not. Is it embarrassing – or is it factual? – anyway here goes…

I went for a colonic. For those not so familiar with that term, I went for a colon cleanse – not a colonoscopy. This was a self-imposed flushing of the large intestine. It was fantastic actually. I was not as full of S@#T as my husband says I am! Actually, I was pretty clean.  Lucie, my hydrotherapist (as it is euphemistically called), was delightful. She kept me laughing, and put me at ease immediately.

After all was said and done – she flushed my colon with chlorophyl and bifidus – good bacteria.

So now, although I do eat pretty healthily en general, I have decided to now seriously cut out the crap. My insides are sparkly clean, and so I want to try to not pollute them. Hence my oh – so healthy truffle and green tea combo.  it is delicious and is really hitting the spot. However, my sweet treat weighs in at a hefty $3 a piece! Being healthy is not very cheap.

I have to learn to make this stuff myself. problem being, time, and effort! The owner of the place where I bought the snack gives cooking courses. A 3 hour intensive cooking display and lecture, as well as we get to eat the food. Any takers? I need a group of 10 women, $50 a pop – told you it did not come cheap – but I suppose she has to make a living too…

With yontif looming around the corner, and us eating out – I don’t quite know how I am going to stick to it perfectly the next few days, but there after, I am seriously cutting out junk – during the week, and will dedicate myself to healthy alternatives.

If anyone pops around for tea ( certainly not coffee) please be open minded. This hemp and raw chocolate makes one yummy treat!

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