Ooh life is bigger, it’s bigger than you…

The old REM song running through my mind. whoa what a day…

I won’t even bore you with the everyday details of the daily morning chores that i had to attend to, with one child sick at home.  Let’s shoot straight to 5pm, when Mic, age 8 arrives home with two friends – unexpectedly. No prob. Ok so we’ll forget that bath that will not happen yet again.

Supper’s cooking, 8 yr olds are playing, 4 yr old ( the one who is at home,sick)  is moaning and complaining that she is not allowed in 8 yr old’s room. 2 yr old wants more and more chocky,and is screaming her head off because Mommy is saying no, and not-even-one yr old is crying because she just woke up with a slight fever.

I’m busy – doing whatever it was i was doing, and I hear 2 yr old ( whose vocab is stellar for her age, yet still interchanges certain words and does not have her pronunciation down pat), say

“Mommy, i gettin’ apple”

ok darling I say, from the other side of the kitchen. i can’t see her – there is a wall separating us. She repeats herself once or twice more, and then i hear a blood-curdling scream.

I ran to her, and see in her little hand, my sharpest red knife, and the remains of an orange, which has now turned crimson due to blood spurting everywhere!! I saw that she had cut her thumb, immediately i understood what she had been trying to tell me,” gettin’ ” meant ‘cutting’ and “apple” meant ‘orange’; or any other fruit that was a fruit.

So she did tell me that she was cutting the orange. i just misunderstood, because she used different words. Back to the moment.

So – with blood spurting and hysterical 2 yr old, I keep changing paper towel like crazy, how much can one thumb bleed?  I tried applying pressure, but it would not stop. Then I remembered my first aid course form 15 yrs ago 0 ‘turnakit ‘. I need to cauterise the bleeding. So i tied an elastic around her thumb, tight. Pretty soon the bleeding stopped. I called hatazalla ( Jewish 911).  All the while the baby, very hungry, was crying and the 4 yr old moaning about something or other. At one point i just looked at her and thought’ Can’t you see Mommy is in crisis mode. Can you not see that I am working on pure adrenalin here?” Then I realised. She cannot see it at all. By the time she got on my case, there was no blood, just a crying and screaming 2 yr old with a lollypop in her mouth. Why shouldn’t the 4 yr old also have one???? What the heck was I thinking?

Anyway  – have the lollipop. Mommy just needs to think. So that all took about 5 minutes. look at 2 yr old’s thumb – ‘oh turning blue – that can’t be a good thing…’

Call hatzalla back, just as they arrived.

Half an hour later everything is well that ends well. Baruch Hashem. ( BTW cauterizing is a thing of the past. BAD- Never do it, just firm pressure. (uh-oh. need to do a refresher first aid course)

Then my Pearl of a husband arrives home, shivering with fever. Tell him the past events – he’s shocked, but feeling exceptionally weak. give him a remedy sit him on the couch and throw a blanket on him, while I give everyone supper.

Then the ordeal of bedtime for everyone… that is never easy in the best of times. Finally get everyone to sleep, then go to 8 yr old who needs to have a DMC ( deep meaningful conversation) then and there – and of course those are the moments that you can never forego.

Finally, 9:30 pm, I get to sit down an eat. oh hold on a minute… Better check Miss G’s finger. everything good, and then i look over at Sassy , and  I actually got a fright as to how swollen her eyelids were. Then I remembered that i had forgotten o pick up her prescription drops…

Wolfed down supper and ran to the pharmacy. returned and then negotioated and fought with he for at least 25 minutes to get one drop in each eye. ( she is exactly like my when i was a kid, when it came to this sort of stuff – so i could not even get cross, i just had to laugh.) I gave her a little sticker book as a reward.

And well – here I am. 4 yr old, awake as ever sitting next to me, chattign away, making me laugh; and the best of all which made this whole day worth it, she said

” mommy, thank you for the prize.”

4 thoughts on “Ooh life is bigger, it’s bigger than you…”

    1. Oh Pam – been there… not fun…
      As a precautionary measure, i put about 10 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle with water, and spray everyone’s hair daily – before school. ( Better start again today). Good luck getting rid of them…


  1. I really can’t figure out if your life is really crazy or perhaps you are just better at expressing your troubles. Either way, it is wildly entertaining. If you could add a valuble lesson after each entry, you can take it to the publishers.


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