What’s a mom supposed to do?

I have a  passion. Nevermind what it is – that is all irrelevant. However, when i am busy doing it – I get completely absorbed in it, hours could pass by, and i won’t know the difference. ( no need to be so curious, it has something to do with drawing – nothing too exciting!)

So finally after many many years of threatening, I have finally taken the steps to make my passion into a bsuiness.

If any of you have been keeping up with my blog, you will notice that my life is well – HECTIC! Without working. I have 4 kids aged 8 and down. I am not complaining – I love them, and I thank G-d for the madness. However, are things getting madder as a sign that i should just be in the role of MOM for now?

You see, for those of you that know me, you know that my life’s goal is to land up living in Israel – with my family of course!

I have decided to go ahead with this business now, with the hopes of success, and a way of supporting us, once we make aliyah.

of course nothing is concrete, and this is all in my mind, but one has to visualize, says Martha Beck!

I figure i just need a couple hours of focus during a day – but between shopping, cooking, baby at home, working out at least 3 times per week – and all the other not-planned-for-stuff.


That was originally written this morning, while I had my coffee.

Then my day happened.

I was told of a doctor in Laval who is an excellent diagnostician, and has a clinic. Since i am on such a mission to get to the root cause of my stomach and eczema, and Sara’s congestion ( and anything I can possibly do to avoid the imminent adenoid, grommet and tonsillectomy operation), I called and asked if we could come today. the receptionist duly told me that the doctor has a clinic everyday, and we could come, but it  would be a long wait today.

So off I schlep with Sara , whose face – just below her eye, looks like she has done a few rounds with Ali, to Laval. Finally I find the place, go to reception and see the  bottle-dyed blonde, in the way-too-tight jeans and the way-too-much make-up. She was standing next to a tall chinese man dressed in scrubs. I understood him to be the doctor.

Very politely i asked what the protocol for new patients was, and with that the Doctor – very firmly said ” We are not taking new patients.”

i looked at him and said ” oh – but i called and the woman i spoke to said that it is a walk-in clinic and i could come.”

“That is impossible. we have not taken new patients for months now. you must have called the wrong number.” Stoic.

Hello anger my old friend… I felt the blood draining from stomach and pulsate into my brain. Now the whole waiting room was watching and listening. ” Is this the number ? ” I asked pulling out my cell.

” Hmmph”

“I must have spoken to you right?” I asked Blondie, who at this point was squirming in her 7 inch stilettos and bulging out of those 3 sizes-too-small jeans.

Avoiding his laser-sharp stare she kind of whimpered that she had spoken to so many people today, she could not possibly remember. I reminded her that i had spoken to her twice.

Talking in that same tone that makes me hate doctors in this country – the all-powerful voice of authority, ” Why are you here anyway?”

I was wondering if he would have like me to strip and sho him exactly where all my ailments were, right there in front of the entire waiting room, well I was not going down that road. I just said that my daughter was very swollen, and I had eczema.

” I’ll see the baby and HER. But DON”T register them.”

45 mins later and 3 mins in his room, he diagnosed Sassy. he did not tell me what the problem was, because us mere mortals would never understand these complex medical terms. But he did say that I had to got Montreal children’s ASAP! Very dangerous he had said.

Great. I saw her pediatrician 2 days ago – why could he not pick this up?

Anyway, pick up kids form  daycare, take them home, pack food, movies and goodies for day at the hospital, and off me an Sassy toddled.

From the time of arrival until time of leaving was 4.5 hours. Final diagnosis – Cellulitis. We were given antibiotics, and i am thrilled to report that she is already looking much better.

Now i am going to continue killing all her anti-bodies for the next 10 days – just in time for the flu season. Gotta love this country and it’s glorious medical system!

G-d, Please help me find the right medical route for us.

Anyway, yes i am certainly exasperated. to get back to the original point of my article, once again, i never dedicated a single solitary minute to working on my new business. Sass needed me. And – of course she takes priority. But it seems like everyday there is a something or other  that only mom can handle. have I got any business even starting something up? Am I nuts. I can hear so many of you saying. ‘You have plenty of time, wait… This is the most important thing that you are doing, being there for your kids.’ And yes it is. i would not change it for all the money in the world. But I just want to succeed in business too, and be creative, and be out there.

For now i am going to continue to swim against the current. I want this, and I do believe I can do both. Perhaps i am being tested to see how badly I want this. But I have to say this

I want none of this to come in the way of my kids. How so – I am yet to discover that.



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