Awesome exercise regime!

Ok everybody. I have found an incredible website that is very easy to follow. This woman, who has a body like I have never seen – unbelievable – films footage of herself doing short intense interval training routines – AT HOME!

The best thing about these routines, is that they take up to 20 mins max, and you don’t have to leave your house. It is intense though. I did my first routine tonight. 12 minutes, and boy did I sweat – and I am not someone who sweats easily. And I know tomorrow – my butt is going to kill!! I am impressed. She also has a 5 week diet challenge posted. I am going to follow it – hmm -hmmm, I meant I am going to TRY and follow it :).

I am not going to post the website because I don’t want all my friends husbands drooling over this woman, and droll they will! So – girls, email me and I will forward it to you!

I am also going to measure myself, for good measure ( haha), and I will keep you posted. Maybe even take a before shot, and show you at a later stage, if I ever become the “After” pic!

Thank you for guiding me Hashem!


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