Where do I find the time?

Any advice would be most forthcoming.

As I mentioned before, I am trying very hard to get a new business venture off the ground. However every day something new comes up.

Yesterday, for example, my laptop collapsed, and I had to spend the morning in the Apple store. Which was fantastic experience, but took away 3 hours from my day!

Then, after carpools, grocery shopping, library returns, and spending time with 8-yr-old, who was in desperate need of one-one-one attention, I got home at 5:30pm.

Then spent time with baby, and other kids, homework, supper, tutor, fight to get everyone in bed, make shabbos dinner, eat dinner, speak to hubby ( for first time since we got back from Israel 6 weeks ago – no jokes!); so then I began working on my project at 11pm. Got to bed at 1:45am and was awoken, bright and early, at  6:30am.

I just have one question, how do people do it, and WORK?

Is it possible to be everything to everyone, and do whatever it is you want and/or need to do?

2 thoughts on “Where do I find the time?”

  1. It’s challenging…that’ for sure. I think the first thing you should do is to set a scheduled time for yourself and announce it to everyone…from 11-1 is worktime (ok, the computer thing you just have to make exceptions). I work all weird hours outside of my officialy work day. The last 2 days I lost 2+ hours each day dealing with allergist stuff so had to put in the time after bedtime.Sadly, I find this is almost always the case…I encourage David to go to night seder so I know I am not being rude to him when I return to work…


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