To Ascend or not to Ascend, tha is the question!

Good morning world.

Lots to think about this morning. I think I have lost the battle for the time being. I spoke to my Rabbi, and he seems to think that going to Israel now, with my fam, would not be a good thing. He thinks that if sugar-daddy – had to stop working, and not have a steady income, he would be completely depressed, and would not have what to do with himself. He feels his self esteem would plummet. He also says that is  very different for kids now. He does not believe it is the right thing for us – now.

Please people, in Israel and in Montreal, please help me decide what is the right decision? I once was in a lecture by Rabbi Ari Kahn. He said that when making a decision, the right one is that which brings you closer to G-d. Well which would that be. Here in Montreal, my kids go to a wonderful school ( besides the hours,  am very happy with it). I live in a really nice community, people are welcoming and warm. It is still relatively easy to be Frum and Jewish here. Not too much anti-Semitism ( that may change shortly though. As of next year, we will not be allowed to teach – religion of any  sort –  in our daycares. But the bill has not been passed yet.) My husband has his shul, his Rabbi and his learning seder. So spiritually we are doing fine. We are not breaking the  speed barrier in terms of spiritual growth here, but we remain constant. ( My Rebbetzin always says that if you are not growing, you are actually going backwards, but we will not deal with that esoteric conversation now.)

Now, on the other hand, moving to Eretz Yisrael. Well, there the spirituality is palpable. It is the only place to live as a Frum Jew ( I believe). Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops – mostly kosher. The people actually care about you, not just those in one’s close circle. The stranger on the bus will give you his 10c if he feels it wrong that you yelled at your kid. Your kids can go to the park unattended, and if they fall, at least a dozen strangers will pick them up, and actually care for them ( not that any of these scenarios happened to me, but they would!). The learing there is on a different level. For whatever reason, the  soul is able to take in far more there than here. We all know the air is different there. Schools are finely attuned to the level one is at.  Is thsi a good or bad thing – I am not sure. it seems to cause a little rift, a frummer than thou kind of mentality. But I did not feel that, that seeped into the people outside of school hours. School ends at a reasonable hour, and then kids actually have extra mural stuff AFTER school, AT school. Amazing. Summer camp was incredible. The activities, the girls, the madrichot. I cannot tell you how amazing it wa fro Mic, she loved every second, and made a lot of friends. really sweet girls, that couldn’t care less what clothes they wore, or what toys they had. I found them to be very polite and wonderful middos. REALLY.

I love how the completely secular packer at  the grocery store, wishes me hatzlacha in making aliya and says  ‘Be’ezrat Hashem’! I love how the people are real. And warm. I just love it. And, I do firmly believe that if we did go – and I mean all of us – we would have parnassa there, because there would be so many people. Simple supply and demand. For those friends of mine out there, that are not working right now – and you know who you are – make aliyah, there is so much opportunity there, don’t start fresh from here. I wish you could see that!

So mow, I am at a crossroads. I really have to move to a house, this condo is not working out for me. Do I buy and move, and cement myself here for a good many years to come, or do I keep swimming upstream and enforce my Israel objective?

Any comments would be most welcoming.

4 thoughts on “To Ascend or not to Ascend, tha is the question!”

  1. wow Candy, this is a tough decision. Are you guys able to do a pilot trip for a year? Another thought…a lot of people are now keeping their jobs in chutz l’aretz and commuting back and forth. Could E. work here for a week, then work remotely for 2 weeks from Israel (at least until he finds the right job there)?


    1. i dont know. i think so . but youknow, we both have to have the same goal – which we dont really. I can’t force him to do it, unless he really wants to , and my issue is – do i give it up for a while, or o i convince him, and then what if that was the wrong decision? So it has to come from him?


  2. Israel is a great place to get re-energized, inspired, spiritually uplifted…perhaps at this time in your lives you could make a committed time of the year where you could go and reap the benefits Eretz Yisroel has to offer without moving there permanently..you never know what grows from there. Dreams are precious, they help you grow and reach place you never thought possible..so don’t give up just think outside the box and have patience.


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