Romance, anyone?


I got woken up at 6:47athis morning. Pretty late – considering. But today I jumped out of bed, because I am off on a road-trip to  visit my sisters! Yay! I am going to get a break. Of course I am taking 3 out of 4 along with me. But hey – beggars can’t be choosers. Way too many logistics the other way around. Nevertheless, it is always good to be with sisters, loads of laughs and fun.

On this note, does one ever get away – alone with one’s husband, for a romantic little weekend away? Or does this not happen in the first 10 years of married life? I hope it does, because after 10 year, who cares about romance? ( just kidding – all u old fogies out there!)

I know it happens if one has family living in the same city, but if not? No-one wants to take my brood, especially if they have the same amount- or more at home? Help?

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