Patience is a virtue….

Can you hear it? The notes are climbing, the drums are beating, the flutes are chirping, the piano is pounding , all the string instruments are engaged ascending to a triumphant crescendo! This is even better than Vangelis' Chariots of Fire! My kids... ( getting all choked up)... are all - playing together! No fighting. All… Continue reading Patience is a virtue….


how sweet….

In case it took a while to realise what this picture was - I had the same reaction when I came home from Zumba the other night! I had to laugh. This epitomizes my 2 year old's personality. I just wonder who she was envisioning while stabbing the kiwi to death. I am going to… Continue reading how sweet….


I was Zapped!

If you are wondering where I have been, I have been recuperating from meeting my deadline last week. I jumped through hoops to get everything done that I had to, in order to get my work in ( this is for my new business venture).  Every night since, I have fallen asleep while putting the… Continue reading I was Zapped!


Virtually impossible to sleep around here…

Yesterday was a windfall for my kids. My eldest daughter received birthday money, my second eldest scored her 50 point mark, and the other 2 did not quite understand what hit them. We went to the toy store! We let them pile any and every toy that their little hearts desired into the shopping cart.… Continue reading Virtually impossible to sleep around here…


Life Lesson: Slap in the Face

We have to learn that whatever we do - WILL come back and bite us in one form or another. It may be immediate, it may take years.  I almost prefer the immediate retaliation, because I can label it - and realize why something bad just happened. Point in case: Friday afternoon I picked Mic… Continue reading Life Lesson: Slap in the Face



Did anyone notice the date today? 11/11/10.  I have a special number. it is 111. Throughout my life, this number just keeps reappearing all the time. First - it is my birthday. 11 January.  But I only made the connection after I realized I had a thing for 111. According to, ahem... spiritualpath.com, this is… Continue reading 111


5:22 am… Y-A-W-N…..

Another day, another morning that I am up way, way, way before the chirping of any little bluebirds of happiness. Not that I can't sleep. I think I could sleep until at least a week from now. I have a state of the art alarm system. It is called the K - factor. At exactly… Continue reading 5:22 am… Y-A-W-N…..


Please pray

One of my oldest friends is going through an incredibly hard test right now. Her little darling daughter, who just celebrated her 3rd birthday, is being very aggressively treated for Leukemia. She is in remission, but every 3 weeks she undergoes steroid treatments. This is how she explained it to me: "The steroids will be… Continue reading Please pray


Healthy cooking night

Finally. I have begun my baking experiments.  I have bought a gazillion healthy flours, from Garbanzo bean to coconut, arrowroot to sorghum, and everything in between. Tonight I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate frosting. I have to say they are pretty gross! 8 year-old asked in disgust " What is this??? Uurrggh -… Continue reading Healthy cooking night


Be careful what you wish for…

Been doing some thinking today. You see - I am very aware of complaining, as I am  of praying.  The power of each one. And really they are inextricably the same thing. Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember to - as far back as I can remember - praying to G-d… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for…