A Public Apology


Wow – did I get an outpouring of response from yesterday’s blog. Most of all people reprimanding me for publicly obliterating my husband. But I do have to say, that those who know me, really responded with love and caring.

So now, to my dear darling husband, whom I truly do love, I apologise profusely for acting like an impulsive child, and having an online tantrum!  I was just down on the dumps, looking for attention, and I suppose I stepped over the line. Because today is new day, all is well in my life, but most of you may have a tainted impression of my husband. Please do not see him in any negative light.

Allow me please, to spotlight his virtues and wonderful qualities. He is first and foremost very kind, very thoughtful and very patient. He is incredibly responsible and reliable. He is hard-working and disciplined. he is a doting father and a partner to me, who tries his best to keep up with my crazy ideas and flights of fancy! So, Sugar daddy – as I refer to him on my blog – I truly love you, appreciate ALL that you do for me , and all your effort you put into each day.

Some good did come out of my verbal spew.  A lot of woman commented, and it seems they are very much also in the same boat.  However, they have the strength of character to rise above their situation, realise it s all for their own good, and Baruch Hashem – it truly ain’t that bad.

As of today, my focus will be on the blessings that I certianly do have, and not on what I feel is lacking, because if I was meant to have all that I think I want, I would have it. Everything is exactly as it should be, and Thank G-d for that.

Thank you all for your kind words, although some were harsh, I appreciate it.


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