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The 48 Ways to Wisdom – #1 Be aware of every moment

We have all heard of the 48 ways to wisdom, from Pirkei Avot.   During my sojourn at EYAHT( I do feel compelled to use a biblical word, as my time there was holy and very precious), every morning we would have a discussion of the 48 ways. Of course we would go off on tangents and long philosophical discussions, but the hashgafa we gained during those talks was amazing.

I have decided, as part of my new appreciation for everyday, that I would like to focus on each one of the 48 Ways. I am not sure how long I will dwell on each one, but I think it is worth while looking into, and hopefully becoming a little more wise!

My source of information is from, specifically from Rabbi Weinberg z”tl, because this is how it was taught to me, by Rebbetzin Weinberg.

The first of the 48 Ways is to become aware of every moment.

I want to make this as practical as possible. Life is very precious. If I look back on my own life, the hours upon hours that I spent in clubs, partying, wasting time, talking nonsense to no-one i cared about – I could actually kick myself. George Bernard Shaw was so right in saying the Youth is wasted on the young. The hours I have wasted in incoherency. But that was another life-time ago.

Here I am, now, a lot wiser I think, and yet still manage to squander many precious hours in a day.

Rabbi Weinberg makes it very sensible. “Make every second count,” he says.

When he mentions pursuing a goal, he says to do so without interruption.  So, on his advise, I have just spent the last two hours sitting here and scheduling my week so that I can fit in all that I need to, with kids,davening, gym, cooking, shopping, work time, even date night! I find the best time for me to think is when all are asleep. The house is quiet. I had 2 glorious uninterrupted hours – what a treat, and I feel I really used them effectively.  And then it goes further. For each allocated activity the time I have blocked off for it cannot be interrupted. On the advice of my very sagacious sister : – if I need to work on my new little business, it has to be in a place away from home, phone and any other interruptions, in order to max out on the few hours I have to dedicate to it a week. After all my deadline is 15 Nov. After then I will know if the whole thing will be worth its weight. So I have allowed for all of that too.

I feel like the fog has cleared.

When I am in the car, I take the opportunity to turn of the music/ radio and talk to Hashem.  Now with hands-free, no-one thinks I am a freak talking to myself! I spend so much time in the car, in a day, that I now feel is not wasted on listening to a Champagne cork popping, as they congratulate a first-time caller!

And I have stopped watching TV, only on occasion. That I find is the biggest thought sapper of all! Especially my fave program, American Idol!!

Please give me feed back and let me know if you guys care for my advice, on how I am trying to improve, and maybe help someone out too. I love getting your feedback, either via this blog or to my FB emails!

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