My poor kids…

Back on the health mission. Every couple of months I get very frustrated with the food situation, and i tend to go to extreme and throw every ounce of sugar out! Somehow it always manages to slowly creep back in. Why? because I am a flake – a pushover!

No – the truth is that I want my kids to feel normal at school, and not bring granola bars as their junky snack. So slowly, slowly I buy a few chips and a few chocolate covered bars. But then, more of the nasty little creatures make their way into my kitchen cabinet, under the very clever guise of “shabbos treat”. And then of course I just returned from Toronto, and quick visit to the South African Store has left me with milky bars, top deck, chocolate log and tex bars, all concealed under the banner of my nostalgic youth. And guess who is helping my kids devour these delights? Well – it’s not Sugar Daddy!

So – in my quest – to be healthy, skinny and all the rest of it I am officially back on the anti-inflammatory diet.( i just cannot forego my cup of Java in the morning). And so are my unsuspecting kids.

So now, armed with as many gluten- free, sugar-free, spinach-disguised -as- angel- cake  recipes that I can find, I am going to cook up a storm today!  But seriously, these recipes look so delicious – i guess the proof will be in the proverbial pudding.

And not to worry, my kids can still have their sour worms on shabbos!

2 thoughts on “My poor kids…”

  1. I am also trying so hard to get back onto this diet and the rest of the fam. Its hard. I love coffee and chocolate. Do you have any recipes for healthy banana muffins? Im making great soups every day- taht counts for something.


    1. there is a delicious recipe form Babycakes that makes chocolate shortbread with carmelised banana! Mmmmmmmmmm. My kids are not big banana fans, but I will send you the recipe. Need to get permission to reprint – i think…


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