Do as I say….

Chomp, Chomp, mmm…

1am and I am sorry to say, I have not  kept to all my intended health commitments. I know I said I was starting my anti inflammatory diet today, but that was before I knew my day would turn out to be  another day, not at home, and therefore had to succumb to eating out. Now – that does not really justify me having a little teeny cheesecake crown from Chesky’s for lunch, but really – there was NOTHINg else kosher in the area! What’s a girl to do?

And that little morsel had to keep me going until I gave my kids dinner tonight, and of course I was starving and so  whilst I dished each of them 3-4 of those fake calamari rings, I downed at least … Well, I ate a few.

Then had dinner at 10pm with Sugar Daddy. Yummy butternut soup, Organic Salmon ( this is healthier than even wild – never eat farmed) in a terriyaki sauce made with Agave Nectar – I would not use SUGAR! For those of you not in the loop with this incredible product, I highly recommend it. It is derived from the Agave plant and is 25 times sweeter than sugar. It comes in a liquid form,and is OU. It has a very low GI ( Glycemic Index), and therefore does not cause a spike in your blood sugar like refined sugar does. ( I am sure that cheesecake from Chesky’s does not have that much sugar in it right?) However, it is caloric, so it is not to be eaten at every whim.

So after eating dinner, I thought 11pm would be the perfect time to start baking. I tried two recipes. One required Arrowroot flour, which of course, I bought amaranth accidentally, so  I replaced it with cornstarch. Not a good idea. They were yuck!

Then for the recipe for the little muffins pictured above, I also did not have all the ingredients, so I substituted a bit. She called for coconut oil, I only had canola. I ran out of Spelt, and so I used half spelt, half brown rice flour. They were supposed to be blueberry muffins, which I didn’t have, and so I made them into chocolate muffins, using raw chocolate ( not good alone, but packs a mighty antioxidant punch) and regular chocolate chips mixed.  I must say – they were pretty good, but before I post the recipe, I have to work it out better, and possibly make it as it is written! they also have to pass the ultimate kid tasting test. If they are school worthy, well then they have made it!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better….

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