Parenting Update

I just feel like I discovered electricity! My kids are actually clamouring to help, behave and be extra nice to each other.

If you remember, I posted a point system few months ago. A  motivational chart that gives my kids a clear picture of what I expect from them in a day. You can find the link at https://thesweetlifeofcandy.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/parenting-101-the-seargant-has-left-the-building/

I think I have finally fine tuned in on how the point system could work. Throughout the day, I give or take away points. I write these on a random paper on our magnet board in the kitchen. At the end of the day  I tally them up. Once a week on thursday night, we have shop night. I get a whole lot of things from the dollar store, and some better prizes too, each of which I label with a ‘price’. A dollar store prize is 10 points, and so on.  I then give the kids as many raffle tickets as they have points, and they can go shopping!

The also have a choice to save their points for bigger prizes. For example, 75 points could get them a prize at Maxi’s or Toys r Us ( probably a $10-$12 value).  100 points is out for supper – alone – with mom or dad. 150 points is to go see a movie with mommy or daddy. Whatever your kid’s currency is, make that the higher prizes, so they can learn to save points, or choose to spend on the little things and forego the big prizes. I feel it is teaching them patience and not instant gratification – for the most part. They can spend some and save some. I think these are valuable life lessons here! Let’s see how long it lasts!

But everyone is striving to be uber- good! So for now it is working.



2 thoughts on “Parenting Update”

  1. That is wonderful! It also teaches them the value of a “dollar”. I don’t think enough parents teach their kids to be fiscally responsible and this is an excellent way to do it. Not only are you getting the proper behaviours you want from them, but you are teaching them valuable life lessons to boot!


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