Healthy cooking night

Finally. I have begun my baking experiments.  I have bought a gazillion healthy flours, from Garbanzo bean to coconut, arrowroot to sorghum, and everything in between.

Tonight I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate frosting. I have to say they are pretty gross! 8 year-old asked in disgust ” What is this??? Uurrggh – tastes like WALNUTS!”

Nope darling. No nuts – excluding your mother of course for making you eat it!

But, once again I did not have all the correct ingredients so I did a little substitution. And – I have had my potato starch since Pesach. Is it supposed to go rancid after a while? If so, well…

After that, the Greek,  mint and Oregano chicken,  that I prepared for supper, is still raw in the fridge, because Sears, still did not come to fix my oven. 4 weeks now – but hey – who needs an oven?

So after a short trip to doc (Shikebum has a little virus) I got the dream dinner of poutine and lentil soup for the kids. Of course they were overjoyed that Sears never came. Again.

So what was I going to make sugar daddy for dinner? I had salmon fillets in the freezer, and so sushi it was. Which I must say was quite delicious.

oh – there’s my beeper! Time to take my lemon poppy seed cake out of the oven. Hopefully it will taste good.

Success! Just ate a small slither off the end, and washed it down with some ice cold milk. Mmmm…. Really!

Baking this stuff and tasting it after midnight, 20 mins before I go to bed, is surely going to help me lose weight. Afterall –  it is vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, egg free and sugar free. Pity it is not calorie-free.

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