5:22 am… Y-A-W-N…..

Another day, another morning that I am up way, way, way before the chirping of any little bluebirds of happiness. Not that I can’t sleep. I think I could sleep until at least a week from now. I have a state of the art alarm system. It is called the K – factor. At exactly 5:22 am , every morning, I get woken up to the sound of scuttling little feet, and forcefully loud opening of my bedroom door, all the while – at full volume – screaming “MAMMMMMMMAAAA!!!”

At that point I feel like I have just been jolted from another universe – because I cannot seem to get to bed before 1am. ” Come to mommy”, I croak. Then she crawls into bed and we cuddle – for about 30 seconds.

“uuufff!!” I gasp,  as I get kicked in the stomach, once again being lurched from my exquisite, much sought after, sleep.

” I want my coffee!” My 2-yr old growls in a voice that sounds very much like the Luciferian characters in the horror movies I used to love as a teenager. ( Coffee is her hot cocoa – don’t panic). And then she launches into a very good simulation of ‘the worm’. You know – the gyrating, full body wave, performed on the floor. Made popular during the 80’s breakdancing fad.

However, my appreciation of the arts is not so keen, at this preposterous time of day.



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