Virtually impossible to sleep around here…

Yesterday was a windfall for my kids. My eldest daughter received birthday money, my second eldest scored her 50 point mark, and the other 2 did not quite understand what hit them.

We went to the toy store! We let them pile any and every toy that their little hearts desired into the shopping cart.  My 2-year-old was in her element, and the toys kept piling on top of her head. At one point I am sure there were at least 20 Barbies spilling over!

Needless to say, they each left the store with one toy. All the toys that we bought, had one thing in common, they were all virtual toys. We bought a Zhu Zhu pet ( toy hamster that squeaks, squeals and zooms around on the floor),  a Fur-real bear, a Fur-real cat that mews and walks, and a Baby Alive doll that “babbles while she bounces”, as my 4 year old quoted ( Gotta love TV!).

Everyone came home, ate dinner and played with their toys. And off to bed, which was pretty seamless, they were all exhausted.

At 5:02am, I got my usual wake up call. Little miss G, came to my bed, but this time climbed in, snuggled close and almost fell back asleep. I say almost, because just as we were both drifting off, I felt my bed vibrate. And then, again.  And… what was that?  A mew? Cats? And then through my early morning fog I vaguely remembered we had a house full of virtual pets.

Note to self: Make sure all are set to ‘off’. Before bedtime.

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