Parenting Update

I just feel like I discovered electricity! My kids are actually clamouring to help, behave and be extra nice to each other. If you remember, I posted a point system few months ago. A  motivational chart that gives my kids a clear picture of what I expect from them in a day. You can find… Continue reading Parenting Update


Do as I say….

Chomp, Chomp, mmm... 1am and I am sorry to say, I have not  kept to all my intended health commitments. I know I said I was starting my anti inflammatory diet today, but that was before I knew my day would turn out to be  another day, not at home, and therefore had to succumb… Continue reading Do as I say….


My poor kids…

Back on the health mission. Every couple of months I get very frustrated with the food situation, and i tend to go to extreme and throw every ounce of sugar out! Somehow it always manages to slowly creep back in. Why? because I am a flake - a pushover! No - the truth is that… Continue reading My poor kids…

Soul Talk

The 48 Ways to Wisdom – #1 Be aware of every moment

We have all heard of the 48 ways to wisdom, from Pirkei Avot.   During my sojourn at EYAHT( I do feel compelled to use a biblical word, as my time there was holy and very precious), every morning we would have a discussion of the 48 ways. Of course we would go off on… Continue reading The 48 Ways to Wisdom – #1 Be aware of every moment


A Public Apology

Phew!! Wow - did I get an outpouring of response from yesterday's blog. Most of all people reprimanding me for publicly obliterating my husband. But I do have to say, that those who know me, really responded with love and caring. So now, to my dear darling husband, whom I truly do love, I apologise… Continue reading A Public Apology