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I live in a snow globe

Hope you all like my new special effects. ‘Tis the season – you know. But let me tell you – I am not so jolly.

When I first came to Montreal and experienced the snow, it was December. It was not too cold. Everything was white. I was madly in love, and my first excursion was to Old Montreal. Cobble stones, ancient buildings, glimmering harbour lights. All set against a backdrop of fluffy, white, romantic snow.

Fast Forward 10 years.

4 kids, 8 yrs old and down. Winter – again. Inevitable, I suppose. (Please, dear reader, as you hear me winge, please bear in mind that I am an African. Brought up in Sunny South Africa for a good 24 years!!!) So even if I  am brave enough to decide to take my kids out in – 11 celsius – to play, I quickly consider what that means. It entails putting on 4 pairs of leggings, 4 undershirts, 4 turtlenecks, 3 pairs of snowpants, 1 snowsuit, 3 snow jackets, 4 pairs of gloves, 4 hats and 4 scarves. But – then – as soon as I am on number three, number one starts to kick that she is HOT!! That sets off number two, who decides she needs ‘to make’, so then everyone has to stay in their snow gear for a further 5 minutes, re-dress number two, start with baby’s snowsuit, realise she pooped, change her, but now number 3 has shot a gasket and is stripped down to her boots only ensemble, having a fit on the floor. Finally we get out the door, play for 10 minutes, and decide it is way too cold. Let’s go back in.

Then, I have to contend with the fact that I forgot to put towels down, and now there are puddles everywhere on my parquet floors, along with a trail of wet snowsuits, scarves, gloves and hats, all left for Mom to hang up to dry.

Phew – I am exhausted. Then I look at their darling little faces. Flushed red from the freezing cold. Their skin like porcelain, their eyes sparkling. 

“Come on girlies, how bout some hot cocoa and marshmallows?”

One day my house will be clean. Just not today.

6 thoughts on “I live in a snow globe”

  1. Beautiful! I can just picture it (especially the part about having to undress all the kids after dressing them – I think every mom has to do that!!). It must have been quite an adjustment in climate for you. I have a friend from California who has been living in Cleveland for many, many years, and the winters are still hard an her.


  2. My first winter in NY was incredible! Hardly any snow and it certainly didn’t stick around! The ground doesn’t freeze here. It has progressively gotten worse over the past 3 years, but I think the hardest part is that they just aren’t organized like they are there. Property owners are each responsible for the sidewalk in front of their properties and they do not have plows like Canadians do. They just hitch a huge shovel onto the garbage trucks!
    We just got dumped on by a good foot of snow and the world seems to have stopped. I am not looking forward to going outside at all.


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