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A time for thanks

I really appreciate those moments when nothing major is going on. Nothing earth-shatteringly wonderful, that you throw your eyes up to the heavens and beam a huge, transcendental ‘thank-you’ to G-d.

It’s moments like yesterday, when discussing the fact that I am hosting a shabbaton for 20 girls, and then a fund-raiser that night, and my friends told me that it is too much, and I should not do it without help. I said to them not to worry – it’ll work out. Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from someone who used to work for me, asking if I had any work for her!

Since quitting my wig business, I have numerous calls a month from old clients, asking me where they could get their wigs from. I always say I am sorry and then hang-up, and feel bad that they don’t have what to wear on their heads. Especially for my really loyal clients, who are such incredible woman. truly inspiring. It niggles me that I can’t help them anymore.

Then, just ‘by chance’, I came across a site that helps you build your own websites for free, and they make it really easy to follow. (

I will now make up a website for my old clients, and this way, I don’t have to make the time to see anyone, and they can get their wigs.  I just thought about the synchronicity of it all. because I want to help my clients, for both religious and aesthetic purposes, Hashem facilitated this website for ME!

In one of my previous posts – about my last business attempt, I mentioned how things did not ‘flow’. Things are now seemingly flowing , and that tells me it is the right thing.

Is noticing these little acts of Divine Providence in my life, that I can truly feel blessed, and loved by our creator. My life is not random. Thank G-d.

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