Divine Providence

I am truly blessed. I am blessed that I am able to see the synchronicity in my life. To look back and see over the years, how every peice of the puzzle fit together so perfectly. How everyplace I have ever visited was a stepping stone. An opportunity to expand my horizons, open my mind… Continue reading Divine Providence



A friend of mine posted this link on FB today. If you have not yet seen it, I strongly recommend that you watch it.   Sorry if it brought you to tears. I have not stopped bawling. But it made me think of two very good friends of mine that had car accidents, at age… Continue reading Remembering…

Fun days

Child labor. For or against?

I had a very busy week last week. I also averaged about 4 hours of proper sleep a night. To say that I was exhausted was an understatement. I was really looking forward to shabbos. No guests, I could just sleep the day away. I spoke to my kids very explicitly. " Mommy is VERY… Continue reading Child labor. For or against?


where are the menu’s?

Did I ever tell you guys that consistency was not one of my virtues?  I try, my intentions are truly the best - but somehow my life always gets in the way. Thank G-d. I hope none of you have fatally expired whilst holding your breath waiting for me. The past two days I have… Continue reading where are the menu’s?


My challenging morning

aaaaargh. I have a   situation on my hands that I have to admit, has grown legs, mutated, and I feel is way bigger than me. Once again, I was woken up, or shall we say jolted out of bed this morning, at a cheery 5:42am. It would not have been so bad, had I not gone to… Continue reading My challenging morning


Cheesecake – SUCCESS!

I must preface this entry with an ode to a friend of mine. He is my only male reader. If there are any more of you out there - I would be very interested to know. So back to my friend, whom we shall call FJT - he knows why - he is an avid… Continue reading Cheesecake – SUCCESS!

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Lifestyle Update

remember a while ago I spoke about a website that involved a woman with the best body I have ever seen, and she is like your own personal trainer at home? well, I have been doing it a little bit each week - maybe 1 or twice, but I also joined the Y and have… Continue reading Lifestyle Update


I have been very inspired

I am exhausted and the week is not over. I should be in my kitchen, but i am just taking a coffee break at 11:15pm. I am hosting a Shabbaton this shabbos, and got loads of cooking  to do! I went to Neve Yerushalyim 12 years ago. As it turns out, my Halacha Rav, Rabbi… Continue reading I have been very inspired


TV Update

So in case anyone is wondering how my life is now that we do not have a TV.... Last night I had PTA for my 4 yr old. The teachers asked me what has been going on with her in the last few days. They said she was so peppy, and happy  - like a… Continue reading TV Update


And Jerusalem has come to Montreal

I am blessed to have my Rabbi from Yerushalyim, Rabbi Bear, staying in my home. If I cannot be in Yerushalyim right now, Hashem sent me a taste of holiness.  Rabbi Bear in his most unassuming way, brings insights into two of the most holy people today, Rabbi Eliyashev and Rav Sternbuch, into my home.… Continue reading And Jerusalem has come to Montreal