And Jerusalem has come to Montreal

I am blessed to have my Rabbi from Yerushalyim, Rabbi Bear, staying in my home.

If I cannot be in Yerushalyim right now, Hashem sent me a taste of holiness.  Rabbi Bear in his most unassuming way, brings insights into two of the most holy people today, Rabbi Eliyashev and Rav Sternbuch, into my home. He has so many stories of these great men. Stories of Divine Providence in his life, and in the lives of so many students that have crossed his path of the years.

I also put pay to TV in my home this morning. I figured that we will begin 2011 this way. To my surprise, the morning was far better that expected. The kids played, and coloured, wrote in their journals, and everyone was pretty civil to one another. There were no murderous threats uttered if someone spoke too loud, or walked in front of the TV cabinet. It was not bad – I must say.

And tonight, Sugar daddy survived without seeing the habs score and without watching the 10 o’ clock news!

Instead we were inspired by Rabbi Bear. We listened to his stories and had a most pleasant evening. I am nervous about tomorrow and no TV, but we have to go cold turkey.


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