TV Update

So in case anyone is wondering how my life is now that we do not have a TV….

Last night I had PTA for my 4 yr old. The teachers asked me what has been going on with her in the last few days. They said she was so peppy, and happy  – like a DIFFERENT kid.

I blushed, and confessed to her two chasidishe morahs, that we no longer have a TV, and now there is no incentive to get up at 6am, because there is nothing that exciting to do. So – the upside is that my kids have all been waking up later – this is a first EVER!!

So mom is getting more sleep, babes are putting in more zeds ( or zee’s depends from whence you hail) and so my mornings are somewhat cheerier – who’da thunk?

By the way, for those of you well versed in Berenstain Bear literature, Poppa Bear has also been banned from TV at night. So far – so good – on all fronts!

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