My challenging morning

aaaaargh. I have a   situation on my hands that I have to admit, has grown legs, mutated, and I feel is way bigger than me.

Once again, I was woken up, or shall we say jolted out of bed this morning, at a cheery 5:42am. It would not have been so bad, had I not gone to bed at 1:26am, only to have Shikebum wake up at 1:27am, and decide she was hungry. I got her back to bed at 2:15am. My fault.

I nearly, nearly, switched on the TV this morning . I said to myself that today would be the exception, I was so tired. But somewhere deep inside, the tiny little voice of reason miraculously made herself heard, even above the muffled sounds of grumpiness.

So up I got. However, that was not my big problem. My issue is I now have anywhere between 1 and 3 children sleeping in my bed on any given night. Did I mention my 8 year old was 4’10”!  Then Little Miss G has now developed this new found habit, that her sisters have perfected. When she first came, I ould not resist her, because she really is my most cuddly kid. She cuddles and snuggles, and even at 3am, it is truly delicious. However, I let it become a habit.

So this morning, in my concussed state of horizontal bliss, I felt Little Miss G move.Truth is I did not even know she was there. Then there was a moan, ” Where’s mommy? ” she croaked. ”

“I am here darling, Shhh!”

” I want Mamma….”

“it’s me, shhhhhhh.”

She thought I was daddy, who just won’t do in these situations. So I tried to move up, only to feel an arm in the small of my back. I felt behind me. Mic, my 8  yr old.

“My froat hurts!” came bellowing across the king-size bed. That was Sassy.

“Is this #$%$$$#@@ normal?” I bemoaned to myself. I never remember sleeping in my parent’s bed, unless I had a raging fever, and was delirious. (excuse the bleeping, but sometimes there is no other form of expression. Especially at that time of day, when one’s thoughts have not quite formed)

When did my bed become a free for all? Why do I need five bedrooms? We could  move into a one bedroom, and save a ton of money.

Needless to say, I have had a morning of miserable, moaning estrogen injected moods – including my own!

Now, I am certainly not in the mood for any “I told you so’s” or ” you have to walk them straight back to bed, the moment they come”.

I know all that. Theory and practice are two very different things.

Back to the star charts – I think. I let them slide a little. Maybe the girls need some incentive again.

Will keep you posted. Until then, any constructive advice would be good.

11 thoughts on “My challenging morning”

  1. My kids have all spent an incredibly long amount of time in my bed with me, sometimes 3 or 4 of us in a single bed! But they have each got up and left in their own good time. At this point, it is only me and baby in the little bed. Unless, of course, someone has a nightmare or isn’t feeling well. This too shall pass 🙂 Have a wonderful day and enjoy it while you can.


  2. You could do what my parents used to- lock the door. You are entitled to your privacy/good night’s sleep. After a few nights of a locked door, they might get the picture. Unless you have really tenantious children who would bang and scream until you opened it. Though I think your DH would give them a piece of his mind first and they might think twice about the whole “my parent’s room is my room too” ideology.


    1. HA! is all i have to say – yes they will bang and wake up baby too, who is only one who does not come to my bed!!!

      DH – that’s funny. DH cannot focus on anything during the night, but maybe i will speak to him to try and be a little compus. it’s worth a shot


  3. Right there with you sister. Actually, we had this problem more before the baby. I then kicked everyone out for a while but it sometimes feels like a rotating system. 1 in per night, but always a dif kid. So now I keep a mattress on the floor and try to encourage them to sleep there if they need to be near me…and I have my own double bed. But i definitely kow the feeling of who needs more than 1 bedroom!


  4. I feel for you babe! Dr. Sears speaks a lot about attachment parenting and “the family bed”. He suggests putting a mattress on the floor near your bed just as someone (maybe Sarah Rochel?) posted here. Good luck! At our age…we need our sleep!


  5. Oy – that sounds rough. I’m not there yet (my oldest is still in his crib – mwahahah), and from your post, I hope not to be! Kudos about the t.v. Very impressive, especially considering the sleep-deprivation involved!

    I like the mattress next to the bed idea. Speaking of bed, I’m off to catch some shut-eye before the baby wakes me up!


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