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Child labor. For or against?

I had a very busy week last week. I also averaged about 4 hours of proper sleep a night.

To say that I was exhausted was an understatement. I was really looking forward to shabbos. No guests, I could just sleep the day away.

I spoke to my kids very explicitly. ” Mommy is VERY tired. I need to sleep in tomorrow. If ANYONE wakes me – there will be NO dessert. Does everyone understand?”

4 pairs of eyes nodded in unison – yes – even the baby. She full well understands what dessert is!

I guess I made my point loud and clear, because this morning, no-one dared to wake me.  (Except of course – there always must be an  exception – the one who slept in bed with me. But that was because she was really sick. Cut me some slack – ok?)

So let me rephrase. No-one dared to wake me after I went back to bed.

2 glorious hours. Delicious really. I can’t remember the last time I got to sleep for so long on a Saturday morning!


I felt like someone threw a cold glass of water in my face. I heard insane banging and the screams. I did panic for a nano second. Then I realised that it was only Little Miss G. She was tired now and she needed her mommy. If I opened the door a second later than I did – I am afraid her temper would have just blown it right out of the frame. Nonetheless, mission achieved – mommy was up.

Sass heard the commotion, and darted to my room. She also snuggled in close.

“Where are your clothes darling?” I mumbled, eyes closed, just feeling her ice-cold body.  (Today was a breezy -40 degrees celsius with the wind chill).

“Dirty…” she giggled.

Reality came crashing through my bedroom door, harder than even Little Miss G. Did I really leave 4 little girls alone in my house for 2 hours?

“Why?” I asked, hesitatingly.

“Promise you won’t tell M?”

I smiled as best ic ould, as she relayed to me how they had all sat down to eat their chocolate yogurt ( special shabbos treat) and she accidentally dropped some on the floor. M took the opportunity to announce ” FOOD FIGHT!” to her otherwise unawares little sisters, and proceeded to lauch chocolate yogurt at everyone. Of course you could only just imagine what ensued.

Thanks for the heads up, Sass. I mulled it over in my head, and sauntered towards the kitchen. Not as bad as I thought, but bad nevertheless! I did get a little angry, but instead of yelling, I told them that after shabbos – it would be them, and NOT me cleaning the walls and scrubbing the floors.

Hence the title of my post. And in this case, I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

( and so did they!)







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