A friend of mine posted this link on FB today.

If you have not yet seen it, I strongly recommend that you watch it.


Sorry if it brought you to tears. I have not stopped bawling. But it made me think of two very good friends of mine that had car accidents, at age 22 and 24, a few months apart.

They both passed away.

Keren and Nadine I think of you often. May you be blessed wherever you are. I was blessed to have been privileged to have you in my life even it was for so short.

Keren, my high school best friend. Our birthdays were a day apart. I think of you, especially then. Where would you have been today? Miss you, my friend…

2 thoughts on “Remembering…”

  1. Wow, goose bumps and tears!! What a man to be so committed at such a young age…really something!

    Who was Nadine did I know her? Are you ever in touch with Keren’s family at all?


  2. uhmm…i finally had the courage to watch this video.
    very touching.
    faith…really is about seeing Hashems good and kindness in this world. it surrounds us. we just need to tune in!


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