Divine Providence

I am truly blessed.

I am blessed that I am able to see the synchronicity in my life. To look back and see over the years, how every peice of the puzzle fit together so perfectly.

How everyplace I have ever visited was a stepping stone. An opportunity to expand my horizons, open my mind to new concepts and outlooks, exposed myself to a nexus of people.

How every person I have met, has influenced the course of my life. How my dreams, in the sleep sense, and the goal sense, have materialized. I am blessed to be able to catch glimpses of omnipotence, and feel the current flow through me.

I am blessed now to be able to see that each soul is unique. There really is no need for jealousy, rivalry or animosity. We each have our very individual thing to do. No-one else can fulfill our own distinctly, remarkable mission.

I am blessed to be able to realize all of this.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Divine Providence”

  1. Yes Candy, I have to agree with you. It truly is a wonderful blessing to realize and know these things. The best is discovering that we are Hashem’s preciouse child. KNOWING this within our very essence, beleiving it and then running with it! And through all of it…Our Father is holding our hand all the way. To say ” I am a woman on a mission” is no small feat when it has a spiritual link!
    G-D Bless you.


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