what kids can do…

I just realized my kids are getting big. Real quick. Just like everyone said. I have gone through a few years of behavioural challenges, and I am sure I am far from finished, but Friday night I got to shlepp real nachas. My little Sassy, who truly does believe she has royal blood, was getting… Continue reading what kids can do…

Fun days

how to get your house clean after shabbos….

My 8 yr old daughter came up with the idea of throwing a surprise party for her best friend. At our house of course. Now - in the best of times I am the one who has 2- 3 friends over on a Sunday afternoon. It is ether too cold to venture out - or… Continue reading how to get your house clean after shabbos….

Fun days

Family Vacations!!!

I love family vacations.  We travel to different cities, partake in all the touristy things on offer, eat in new restaurants and stay in fancy hotels. We all laugh the whole time, and revel in each others’ company. NOT!!! Once again we decided to take our clan of amazons-in-the-making, away for a night. Firstly we… Continue reading Family Vacations!!!