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Family Vacations!!!

I love family vacations.  We travel to different cities, partake in all the touristy things on offer, eat in new restaurants and stay in fancy hotels. We all laugh the whole time, and revel in each others’ company.

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Once again we decided to take our clan of amazons-in-the-making, away for a night.

Firstly we aimed to leave at 9am Sunday morning. Friday I was 90% packed. If you saw what we took, you would have thought we were moving to a new city.  That is the JOY of traveling in snowy countries. Firstly, you need to take skates ( x 4 people), helmets, snowsuits, snow jackets, scarves, hats gloves, plus a few extra – because inevitably someone loses something! Then, the hotel has a pool with a slide – so we have to take bathings suits, and stuff to wear to the pool.  We need pool shoes, and in-the-hotel- shoes because we can’t clomp around in big snow boots. Then a change of clothing for the next day, plus one other for little ones because they always manage to drench themselves. And then of course, all the electrical devices  we need: laptop, charger, telephones, chargers, cameras, chargers….

Oh – and last but certainly not least the ESSEN ( or the FOOD for those not well versed in Yiddish!) Sandwich maker, bread, cheese, eggs, tuna, milk, cheese-bagels, cereal, crackers, cream cheese, cottage cheese, chips ! Finally, the last to squelch into the back of my huge trunk – the humongous double stroller, and we were off! Two hours behind schedule, but at least before noon!

My car has a built in DVD player – which is awesome with two kids, because you can plonk the headphones on them, and hubby and I could actually chat or listen to music – something other than “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…..”

But with 4 kids ( and I would have it no other way ) we cannot dish out the two headphones, because it would be tantamount to causing world war III. So the whole way we were lucky enough to listen to the ‘The Snurks” at full volume. So we arrived with a slight headache – so? The kids were happy.

We went to the room, ate, unpacked, threw on the snowsuits and all the winter paraphernalia. We finally left the room by 3pm and off to the Winterlude activities.

Winterlude was fabulous. We went down the kiddie snow slide. We saw a stuffed wolf. We tubed down a tiny incline. Great ice sculptures. And then we left. Totally worth it

Out for dinner to the one and only meat restaurant. Everyone was privy to little Miss G losing her temper in full regalia! She screamed loud enough to wake the dead, and then in a fit of fury, because she thought her ketchup was chili sauce, she threw her plate right across the restaurant, with her fries launched into orbit. Well, that did set the tone for the rest of the meal. When we left, I snuck a peak, the staff were doing a jig, and I am sure it had nothing to with the Superbowl!

Back to the hotel. Not 5 minutes after we got there, Sugardaddy declared that he neededa break and was going to a friend’s room to watch the Superbowl. “ Just for a bit, love.”

No prob. Got everyone into PJ’s.  All were in bed, watching TV, one was jumping on the bed, but a few idle threats and she stopped.  Then went and  put the baby down, she screamed for a good 10 minutes – I suppose she was not used to the room or the pack and play. went to get her. Someone needed  her tooshie to be wiped. Everyone back in bed.  Someone was itchy, so itchy infact that she had to rip all the blankets off the bed. Everyone was now upset and out of bed again. Oh- need to go wipe another tooshie. Put the baby down again. This time I was just going to let her scream – too bad. So I did, and finally one child fell asleep. But the screaming baby kept the jumpy child up, and so I went to get her. Baby on my tummy, little Miss G curled up into my arm, we all dosed off. Then, I decided to put the baby down, she was asleep after all. I put her in the pack and play, crept out the room and – WAAAAA. Uuurgh – too tired for this now. Scream.

After 15 minutes, she won. I got her, put her on my tummy again, heard a gurgling sound, and next thing she spewed all over me! I ran to the bathroom, and watched her projectile vomit in the sink –  just as sugardaddy walked into the room – ever so quietly. He walked slowly to the bathroom

“Great – everyone’s asleep.” he dared utter.

I shot him a look that he knew to shrink back into his room, and not retreat again until sunlight.

Finally I put the baby to sleep, showered, washed my clothes and sunk into a deep, deep sleep in my wonderfully comfortable bed.

3:05am. Little Miss G crawls into my bed, and cuddles in tight.

3:37am, I woke up with a strange wet sensation. I realized the worst – she did – she peed on me.

Back to the bathroom, cursing now, strip off my clothes, grab a towel and go back to sleep in my bed, because there was nowhere else to sleep!

7am. Sassy standing over my head. “ Mommy, where are your clothes?”

And so my day begins….

See you back home, it is much more restful!

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