Fun days

how to get your house clean after shabbos….

My 8 yr old daughter came up with the idea of throwing a surprise party for her best friend. At our house of course.

Now – in the best of times I am the one who has 2- 3 friends over on a Sunday afternoon. It is ether too cold to venture out – or nothing really to do to satisfy all little ones and mom and dad at the same time. So my house becomes the clubhouse.

I don’t mind really. My kids are all kept busy and the day passes pretty quickly. I normally land up doing a craft with them, and everyone has a good time.

I have a bone though. Have to be honest. Why the heck can’t anyone call ME for playdates?  It has been like this since my little social butterfly was 2 yrs old. She loves social interaction, and thrives on being around her friends. Fabulous quality. Just sucks for me. I always am phoning mothers to make plans – I really feel like a desperate loser. It does not work like this in other cities. Things are reciprocal. And besides, there is loads to do with kids.

I woke up my darling 8 yr old, and told her if she does not clean her room this morning, there will be no party.

15 minutes later, the bed was made, laundry was in the hamper and her room was sparkling! Hmmm …. nice.

After she left for school, I looked around at my daunting job. The house was a barrage of leftover shabbos mess. My guests stayed till after havdalla, we had a blackout, and I had to leave for an event – so there was no clean up.

I also had a bazillion emails to reply to and things to take care of, and had to tend to phone calls every 4 minutes, because sugar daddy went shopping for me, and I had to answer a thousand questions. ( Look  – I shouldn’t complain – he did take 2 kids with him. Alone. First time ever.)

Anyway, I managed to clean the dining room, wash most of the dishes, the bedrooms, but the blocks and the toys, I just could not deal with. Next thing my daughter arrived home with  4 of her friends to help set up the party. I told them they had to sort out the playroom, and the toys strewn about. Within about 15 minutes, these little girls had my house spick and span!

The birthday girl arrived, the party was a success. And – 15 minutes later, the mess welcomed itself back in. Papers everywhere, crumbs, toys  – nevertheless all’s well that ends well.


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