what kids can do…

I just realized my kids are getting big. Real quick. Just like everyone said.

I have gone through a few years of behavioural challenges, and I am sure I am far from finished, but Friday night I got to shlepp real nachas.

My little Sassy, who truly does believe she has royal blood, was getting a little out of hand. She was a little too cheeky, a little too sulky, and expected to get her way. When she saw that her long face and sullen mood were getting her nowhere fast, she sat down at the table. Now –  her Daddy, having not eaten the entire day, and having missed his daily jog, was in no mood for bad behaviour. So when Sassy leaned over to pour herself a glass of grape juice from the BIG bottle, and the whole thing came tumbling down, that was the last straw. He shot her a look, and she ran crying to her room!

I calmed Sugardaddy down, saying that that was an accident, but her behaviour before was deserving of some punishment. While we were going back and forth, Mic slipped away to comfort her sister.

After a few minutes, the grape juice was cleaned up, and I went to the room. And there I was witness to something really remarkable. Sassy was lying on her bed, and Mic like a real professional motivational coach was standing on the other bed, chanting, ” You are a princess! You control your Yetzer harah ( bad inclination), don’t let it control you! Run to the table, say sorry to daddy! Show your yeter harah who is boss!”

I slipped out the room. A few minutes later, Sass shows up. She sheepishly looked at her daddy, ran into his arms, and yelled out a big “Sorry!”

Of course I was in tears. Best Shabbos Ever!

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