It has been a whirlwind

In case you have not noticed yet. i am starting a business. I am trying to launch an online webzine.  What began as an idea 10 years ago, has jumped into fruition 5 weeks ago.

So far the ride has been exhilarating. It has evolved into a living, breathing entity.

I am really enjoying the journey.

Where are my kids in all of this?  Truth be told, they have watched a lot more videos than before. To my credit though, I do shut comp down form around 3pm until 8:30pm.  It is tough, but I think I m juggling ok. It is the day time hours that I am completely not available to my little baby. Which is upsetting as she is growing up so fast. But I do set aside a specific playtime, from when everyone leaves for school, until around 9am. It’s just me and her. Then she naps anyway.

Fitting everything in is a huge challenge, like doctor appointments, swimming, gymnastics, errands, grocery shopping, cooking.  My new bedtime seems to be around 1:30am, and I am up at 6am.  Sugardaddy gets the least amount of attention. Have to work on that.

Anyway  y’all, gotta dash, Shabbos Kodesh in 10 minutes……..

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