My bad…

Mother’s guilt. Not only that. Jewish Mother’s Guilt.

Tonight was PTA. All I heard was, ‘x’ seems to have fallen into a slump… Of late she seems less….. She has not been doing ‘XYZ’ lately!

Ahem. Gee what has changed so drastically lately, that all this could be happening in my baby’s lif?  Could it be that her mother, who only a week prior, professed on global blogdom that she was now a certified stay at home mom, who did not need anything outside too keep her stimulated. Just her precious children, cooking, home-keeping and ‘spouse-ing’. ( Cleaning was intentionally left out).

I now have willingly taken upon myself a full time job with about5 hours of overtime per day! And look… my kids are suffering.  That was never the intention. I have got to make sure my kids know and feel that they are my #1 priority. It is so hard to focus my attention solely on them, when so much is happening.

But it is too bad.  I think this is part of the test. I want to do this so much, I just have to figure out a way to do more for my kids, and works smarter and quicker. I would think going to bed before midnight would be a good start. Which seems like an almost impossibility for me!

So from tomorrow it is back to no more TV (by this I mean videos) during the week – and I have to be vigilant. Please let me know what you do with your kids in the morning, when smiling and being pleasant at 6 am  may be equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro.

Coloring, reading, puzzles………?


4 thoughts on “My bad…”

  1. I need a little of what your feeding your kids..mine would sleep in ’till lunch!
    Play in the snow ’till midnight so their not wired in the morning?
    here’s something a little more realistic..
    The night before, have them choose their special quiet morning activity (activities). Give them some chores to do as well like making their beds and setting the breakfast table, laying out their clothes to get dressed in…if they do this by themselves they get a special treat in their lunch box or special one on one time with mommy or daddy!
    Good luck!


  2. I think that Hashem is reminding you that your kids are ur number one priority not just that they should feel that. Your place as a jewish mom is at home-thats why u rightfully feel guilty!

    If your household income requires more income you must reconsider.


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