trying to do it all

A very exhausted good evening to you all. Motzei shabbos, 2 days before pesach – phew – I am zonked.  My stress levels have been through the roof. What could be the contributing factors? Hmmmm…? WOTT finally launched. 2 weeks later than it should have, but we did everything humanly possibly to do it. It was such a relief to have it signed sealed and delivered!  Only to be met with the glitches, after shabbos. At least I got to rest on shabbos thinking it was all done. But – nevertheless – everything will be fixed up pretty soon.

So with WOTT in the bag, I can turn my full attention to my somewhat 70 meals to be served over pesach.  What about the fact that ALL the kids have been home since Wednesday? I got so desperate that on Friday my nearly 9-year-old asked me if she could take everyone out for a walk. We live in a building, and every day we watch her friends playing on the street downstairs. I always refuse to let her go down by herself. But friday, I nearly lost my mind! I had everyone screaming and moaning and bouncing off the walls. I acquiesced.

“Go. Take my  cell. Little Miss G and Shish have to be strapped into the stroller at all times. You and Sass can walk. If there are any problems, call me”.

She was so excited that she got all her sisters fully dressed in about 10 minutes.  Off they went. About 15 minutes later, my sister called me.

“How come Mic’s got your cel?”

I told her. She told me I was certifiably insane. I told her not to panic all would be fine. After we put the phone down – I did begin to panic a little. Then the phone rang again.

” Mommy, G is out the stroller and running down the road!”

Say no more…. I threw a coat over my PJ’s, grabbed my keys and got the car. I found them, a few feet from my garage door. All in tact, a little cold, but good nevertheless.

So – that brings me to my next question. What the heck do I do with them tomorrow? Sugar Daddy is working – what a question – and I have to buy a few missing things, toivel other things, and – of course I NEED TO COOK!!!

Any advice would be fab. Please I don’t want them to paint or make ANY mess. Cannot deal with that now. ( Baby pulled out play-do on Friday. I nearly had an apoplexy!)

Breathe…………All is good. Aaaah feel better now.

2 thoughts on “trying to do it all”

  1. Fabulous blog! If it makes you feel any better I haven’t cooked a thing yet! And although I don’t have to chase my kids down the street, teenagers are emotionally draining and completely useless in the the help area. But we smile and go on! Have a Chag Kosher V’Sameach!


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