Am I a terrible mother?

Don’t answer that. It really is rhetorical.  Truth is- I am silently celebrating. School goes back today – after a gruelling 2 weeks. But not ANY 2 weeks. Pesach (need I say more?). Clean, pack away, unpack,organize, shop, cook. Then – 2 seders, entertain, entertain, entertain, no sleep – for 8 days solid. Oh wait – one day of chol Ha moed, which in my stupidity I decided to take my little darlings to Zig Zag Zoo. They had a blast – I was wiped out. Then, begin again, shop, cook, clean, cook, clean, clean, cook,clean. Entertain, entertain, entertain. Thank G-d the last 2 meals we were invited out for. I think I would have collapsed if not!

All that – with my four darling daughters at home all day.  Supposedly it is spring. Perhaps in most parts of the Northern hemisphere. Montreal is just a little slow on the uptake. Spring here comprises of rain, mist and temperatures averaging around 4 degrees celsius. Gorgeous. As I have mentioned numerous times before – we live in building. The only family with kids, out of about 200 apartments. It is more like a retirement village.  We have a wonderful view of the street below – where my kids can sit at my kitchen window and see all their friends playing in the neighbourhood below! As my kids are not shy to vocalize their emotions, my days were filled with the melodious sound of whining from the time their precious eyes opened, right up until they either went to bed, or collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

We do have a playroom filled with toys. But, of course, we do have the most boring house ever, and it is just not fair. So lets pretend that room does not exist. My empty threats to make it into a bedroom, may come into fruition one of these days.

So while I really do feel bad for my kids, that they cannot go play outside,  Mommy needs a break. Ideally that would be on an island somewhere, sipping a pina colada, reading a good book (nothing to do with parenting) and soaking up the sun. (While I am dreaming, I may as well throw in the fact that I am sitting in a bikini, no excess flab anywhere).

Aaah to dream. My island adventure may be far fetched, but right now – off to do carpool! Whooo-hoo!

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