wHine of the day….

Time to vent again. Look – I know I don’t have what to complain about, but it’s the same old….

Shabbos this week was like solitary confinement! I could not wait until it finished. Wrong attitude  I know, but allow me to explain. Friday night, I crashed with my 3-year-old at around 8pm. No-one’s fault, sheer exhaustion.  Of course I was awoken bright and early at around 6:30am – which was fine since I had a good sleep.

By the time 9:00am rolled around, it already felt like midday. Nevertheless, the kids played, and I read, and relaxed. All was good. Hubby came home for lunch, no guests this week, I tried, just everyone was busy and other plans fell through. After lunch Sugardaddy went to go lie down, and then the moaning began.

” Please can we go for a walk, I am so bored, can we play outside please…!” This means that I had to go outside and watch them play. Means I had to take everyone even baby, and schlepp stroller down, and coats, and and and. I cleaned up and got dressed, and told Sugardaddy in no uncertain terms what I thought of Montreal and living in a building. I told him that since he was so thrilled to be living here, it should be him taking the kids out, since my first choice would be a house and they could play outside in the backyard, without me having to plan on  leaving my house for the day. Suppose I whined enough for him to get up and join us.

We walked to the look out, the kids were in their element – FREE! I was FREE-zing! I told Sugar that I could not stand the cold and I had to go inside. He said that it was just the wind tunnel, we should keep walking. Okey dokey.  We walked and walked, until we got to the garage side of my building. By now I was an icicle. As we walked passed the garage, a car drove in. I said ” See ya, I am too cold- I am going home!”  I had the stroller and baby, and as the garage door closed my kids looked completely forlorn and deserted.  I felt a small twinge of guilt, but it was short-lived. Afterall, my children are Canadian, they think it is spring.

I walked up the 6 flights with my baby, she really mastered climbing stairs. We got home, and I have to say, I spent a most glorious time with my little Shishkebab!  Something we never get to do – all alone, no phone, no other siblings, no computer, just her and me. We had so much fun. But then after 3 hours, I did begin to have a little panic – where were they all? I imagined Little Miss G fast asleep somewhere, and I was going to pay the price later.

Needless to say, all returned home awake and not too cold,  at around 7:15pm! I did get a good break, and I thank my friends who took in my family! But I would have much rather been around my friends too. I am not anti-social – you know….

I have to hand it to SugarD. I don’t think he worked so hard in all the 10 years of our marriage! Friday night, he had to put all the food away, because I had fallen asleep, and shabbos day he had the kids – alone – for more than 2 hours! A big Yasher Koach to him!

Oh – and PS – if anyone wants to sell their house, I AM looking!

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