where the bleep have i been?

Sometimes the sweet life of candy ain’t that sweet.   Not that anything is wrong – on the contrary – everything, if you put it into perspective is absolutely wonderful. It is all just a state of mind…

So what the heck and I going on about, and why have I been keeping such a low profile…?  Well the good, wonderful news is that I am expecting again! YAY! And I truly mean it – Baruch Hashem.  On the other hand, the first three months I felt like crap. To put it plainly, exhausted, nauseous, and beyond irritable. So irritable I even irritate myself! Every noise and smell gets under my skin, every move out place seems horrendously bad, and I know, I am being a hormonal, irrational big lump! Did I say BIG – oh boy – that’s another thing, when I say I am expecting in December, people look at me as if I am nuts, ” The woman must be having sextuplets.”,  is what they are thinking. Ok – all of you out there, after multiple pregnancies, I just get bigger – OK!! There is only one bun in the oven,  so if you see me, try avoid asking me how many I am having.

Phew! what a relief, it is out in the open now.  So now I feel I can get back to my writing, and not feel like I have to hold back. Sugardaddy hates me to say I am pregnant, although at 2 weeks I already look about 2 months, so by this stage, 15 weeks, I look like I am due any day now. But I am not. I can enjoy the glorious summer in swollen glamor. I can wear those baby-doll dresses, and not care if I look pregnant – I am!

In fact there is a whole slew of things I can get away with while pregnant. Strangers carry things for you – because they think you are fragile and unable to do things. They should only know how I have to carry my sleeping 35 pound 3-year-old from the car up to my 6th floor apartment.

I can eat ANYTHING I want – and just blame it on a craving.  EVEN Sugardaddy is too afraid to remark, while I stuff my face with cream filled donuts. No that was just an exaggeration, I don’t do that at all, but I might get the craving later!

And, I can fall asleep at 8:30 pm ad leave all the dinner things to Sugar to put away – that is true marital bliss, on my part anyway!

So there. Now you have it. Keep posted for some more rants and raves from a big ol’ preggie woman. I promise to find the good too though!

19 thoughts on “where the bleep have i been?”

  1. now we know the real reason you like being pregnant! I am imagining E. running after you cleaning up the trail of…family life. heheheh


  2. Cands

    B’sha’a Tova Cands wishing you an easy (and yummy) pregnancy ! I am glad your sense of humour is still in top form. Hope you feeling better and stronger! How are your girls?Are they excited?

    looking forward to reading more blog posts


  3. A bodacious, big and beautiful pregnant woman, cant get any closer to perfection than that in this world! B’sha’a tova wott wonderwoman!


  4. Aw Candy – another precious little treasure on the way. How blessed you are!
    Now please remember to take care of yourself, and rest.

    I want you to blog every kvetch and feeling you have – so we can live vicariously through you.

    Hmmm, wonder if I can talk MY sugardaddy into another one? Nah. I am way too old….and tired….and crabby.

    BeShaa Tovah!


    1. LOL! I think I may be older than you darling! Crabby makes fro an interesting personality, a spunky little sprite! Ask any of my girls! I am crabbiest of the whole lot! But Babe– I do hear ya. Live vicariously – puleeze, oh, and when push comes to shove, please help a lot then too – i’ll be sending a lot of aches and pains your way!


  5. it shall be fun to rant and rave together my dear friend!!!
    others should also know that our personal bubbles have gotten bigger along with our bellies. So this means…peeps, keep you distance ore than usual! Stay clear of our bubbles! well, for me anyway!


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